Non-Toxic Methods For Leaching Precious Metals

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The New and Safe Approach To Leaching

Gold and Other Precious Metals

For the first time in precious metal scrapping is an eBook / user's manual on "How to Recycle Precious Metals In Computers and Cell Phones from Home (That They Don't Want You To Know About)." -- the original eBook was entitle "Gold Scrapping For Fun and Profit" an eBook about precious metal scrapping using non-toxic approaches to extract and refine gold as a single cost-effective process.

However, if you want to recycle precious metals, the categories now include: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. There are several reasons that recycling precious metals can be very lucrative.

Scrap metal is readily available

Metal is easily to ship and store securely

Many people are happy to have you haul   away their scrap for free

Precious Metal is a traded commodity which guarantees you a set price

Metal does not require any processing in order to sell

Where Can You Find Precious Metal To Scrap?

    X-ray fixer and films

    Electronic Scrap

    Films and Photo Scrap

    Cell Phones

    Computer circuit boards

    Automotive Catalytic Converters

Non-Toxic Leaching of Precious Metals  is why the eBook was written because none of literature (eBooks and hard-copy) or videos have provided an inexpensive solution...until NOW

Cost-Effectve Solution To Precious Metal Scrapping

A very inexpensive way to refine your scrap gold is the Sub Zero method of gold refining which is suitable for karat gold, gold filled, refining bench sweeps, polishing sweeps, computer circuit boards, gold nuggets, alluvial gold and all other forms of gold. The Kit includes all the consumable supplies needed, 1 lb. SubZero, 1 lb. urea, 1 lb. Storm Precipant, 1 bottle Precious Metal Detection Liquid and 1 bottle of Ammonium Testing Liquid. Kit does not include muriatic acid, which can be purchased from a paint store or swimming pool supply store. For an instruction sheet before purchasing, email us at

Why, because as an alternate to
CBX Circuit Board Stripping Powder which is no longer available and Aqua Regia which is a compound comprised of two chemicals: hydrochloric acid (HCL) and Nitric Acid that are highly corrosive, toxic,volatile and explosive when mixed with common materials is the Kit. Do not consider making Aqua Regia unless you know what you are doing, have produced a full risk assessment, and have taken adequate precautions. Further, only in the eBook / user's manual is a trade secret (p. 42). Note the solution of Aqua Regia must be "neutralized" before disposal.

This is itself a highly exothermic reaction and potentially hazardous unless you follow what is outlined in the eBook.
My ten years as a metallurgist is comprised in this eBook for you to profit with your gold scrapping as a full-time home-based business and not a hobby. The Ebook is the only one that includes forms for starting a gold-scrapping busines since Raymond Ebbeler is an eBook Publisher and edtor of custom-designed eBooks.

R. J. Smythe

There's Gold In Them Thar PC Circuit Boards and Cell Phones

And a broken or defective mobile set that you simply throw away is worth no less than USD 4.44 -- the scrap of cell phones is so costly because its motherboard is gold-plated and all the connectors used in mobile phones are also gold plated. And the chips mounted on its motherboard also have good quantity of gold and some palladium in them. And the ceramic capacitors used in cell phones have palladium in them. This way precious metal recovery from cell phone waste is a profitable business. This is the reason why many people on the net search the answer to how to recover gold from cell phones? The eBook will go over the three different methods to extract precious metals from mobile phone waste. The gold from motherboards and connectors can be removed without having to be dependent on a cyanide recovery process.

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